Decades ago it was revealed on "General Hospital", that Edward Quartermaine had an illegitimate son named Justus. Now it's possible he may have had a daughter outside of his marriage to his beloved Lila. Samira, a beautiful blue eyed woman just showed up at the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy took one look at those eyes, grabbed a glass Samira had been drinking from, went to the hospital and ordered a DNA test. She has a suspicion that this woman may be her sibling.

The Turkey quest

Lord Ashby, Tracy's ex and Ned's father showed up in Port Charles, insisting that the late Edward Quartermaine had left something valuable for his only known daughter, worth 20 million dollars.

After doing some research, Tracy and Laura Spencer went to a monastery in Turkey, where they found a painting of a woman who resembled a young Tracy. The monks finally relented and allowed the women to take the painting with them.

Shortly after this Samira showed up at the Quartermaine mansion.. She claimed her daughter had been kidnapped and would only be returned if she allowed the monks to sell the painting and give the proceeds to the kidnappers.Tracy had given the monks a sizable donation before she left Turkey. She tells Samira that she would help any way she could but was not going to give up the painting her father left her. Samira insists the painting is the only way to get her daughter back.

Yet Another Quartermaine heir

Should the DNA test confirm that Samira is indeed a Quartermaine, how will Tracy respond. She has been her father's only daughter. She has had to fight for everything she has, in the business and in he daddy's heart. Will jealousy get the best of Tracy? Will she let Samira know the truth, and welcome her into the family, or keep the truth to herself?

There are so many unanswered questions. Who is the woman in the painting, and why does she look so much like Tracy? What is the reason that all of this has been hidden and just now coming to light. Did Edward know about Samira, and if so did he care for her family financially?

More importantly, what will be done about Samira's daughter?

Will she be found and the kidnappers brought to justice? And how does all of this fit into Jane Elliot retiring her character of Tracy Quartermaine? If the rumors of a May 4th exit are true, all of this will need to be wrapped up in less than 2 weeks. General Hospital fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how all of this works out before Tracy leaves the show.