This week, “American Crime,” “Blackish,” and three other TV Shows will premier. Television has become the biggest source of entertainment. After the success of “I Love Lucy” and “Gilligan’s Island,” modern television discovered new ways to plumb the hearts of viewers. Many new programs are premiered every month, and some gross higher than Hollywood movies. The competition among entertainment channels is very high. As the society is plagued by issues of race, gender and inequality, the right shows teach us various moral lessons. Hopefully, these programs will leave a good impression on the minds of viewers.

1 - ‘American Crime’

American Crime” is an anticipated TV show of the week. The story is about a wealthy housewife who is tired of the male-dominating society. The lady decides to bring a change, but that’s not easy as she faces a lot of problems. Ana Mulvoy-Ten plays the main character, Shae Reese. This week will see her dipping back into the world of exploitation. Fans want to know more about the character of Shae who is set to change the current social system. Regina King, Elvis Nolasco, Richard Cabral, Lili Taylor Mickaëlle X. Bizet, and Timothy Hutton are also a part of this project. The series will be premiered on ABC.

2 - ‘Blackish’

After the success of three seasons, a new season of “Blackish” is back.

The show will be premiered this weekend on ABC, and fans have high expectations. This American sitcom stars Anthony Anderson, and Tracee Ellis Ross in the lead roles. The series began in 2014, and was renewed for a third season in 2016. For this particular project, Tracee received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and Emmy got a TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy.

We look forward to the fourth season, and have high expectations. A recent teaser trailer gives glimpses of the characters of Tracee and Emmy.

3 - ‘The Odd Couple’

ABC has recruited Yvette Nicole Brown to play the lead role opposite Brandon Micheal Hall. “The Odd Couple” is one of the most anticipated TV shows. The channel has claimed that Lea Michele will appear in a supporting character.

This comedy sitcom is produced by Daveed Diggs, who was previously in the news for “Hamilton.” Written by Jeremy Bronson, the series is about an artist who struggles to achieve success. James Griffith is directing the series, and it consists of sixteen episodes.

4 - ‘Code Black’

Code Black” is one of the shows that is making its returns after several months of encores. The first season received very good reviews from critics, and it’s time to look forward to another season. CBS says that “Code Black” will premiere this weekend. Based on a documentary of the same name, this series follows the staff members in a busy emergency room as they cope with an infectious disease of patients. Executive producers of the program are Michael Seitzman, and David Semel.

Joe Dinicol is returning from season 1 as David Wagner.

5 - ‘Blindspot’

NBC recently announced its summer lineup, and “Blindspot” is a returning series. “The Carmichael Show,” “Chicago Fire,” “Hollywood Game Night,” “Law & Order: SVU,” and "Shades of Blue” are also in the lineup. The channel claims that it has hired Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys for the new season of “Blindspot.” The story is about a serial killer who has lost interest in this world, and wants to kill innocent people in a large number. Emmy Award winner Mike Schur is returning to the program as Kristen.