Elizabeth Webber is caught in the middle on ABC's "General Hospital" and it is becoming quite intense. She is trying to do what's best for her son, Jake, in getting him the help he needs to deal with what happened to him on Cassadine Island. He was making some progress with Franco until she decided to let Jason in on what has been going on with their son. Now he is at odds with Franco over this whole ordeal and Liz is forced to appease both men. But is she handling the situation the right way?

Liz stands her ground

Jason is adamant that Franco stay out of Jake's life right now and both Elizabeth and Franco have chosen to respect that, only because they don't want to upset Jake.

However, Liz has not given up on her romance with Franco and she makes sure that Jason is well aware of that, too. On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," Franco and Elizabeth shared a moment saying goodbye right in front of Jason, so she is not afraid of letting her ex know that they are as strong as ever, despite the fact that he doesn't want Jake around him.

"General Hospital" had asked fans on Twitter how they think that Liz should handle her son's interactions with Franco and Jason, and Sam as well. It seems that there were mixed reactions to this topic. Many viewers are praising Elizabeth for standing up to Jason by not letting him manipulate her relationship with Franco, but others are up in arms that Jake would even be put in the same room as Franco.

Was Liz right about Sam?

Right before Franco called to say that Jake was at the art studio with him, Liz was having a chat with Jason And Sam. Liz wanted to make a point that if Franco wasn't allowed to be around Jake, then Sam shouldn't be either.

She stressed to Jason that Franco is the one who could help their son and that he is the one who the boy trusts so much, and yet he is not allowed to be near Franco.

Was Elizabeth right that Sam shouldn't be around Jake if Franco can't be? Sam has done some bad things in her past as well. Jason mentioned to Liz that their situations are completely different, but are they?

"General Hospital" fans have their own opinions on this and it has turned into quite a conversation on social media.

Is Jason being unreasonable?

This is an ongoing debate as to whether Jason Morgan is keeping Jake away from Franco because it's for the boy's own good or if he is just feeling threatened by his son's close relationship with the man he despises. He may just be too blind right now to see that Franco may the only one who Jake will open up to about his time on Cassadine Island.

The truth will come out soon enough. Franco could be the key to getting the story from Jake. In the meantime, Elizabeth is trying to juggle her relationship with her new man, trying to get along with Jason, and most importantly, get her son the help he needs right now.

Do you think Liz is handling this situation in the best way possible? Do you think that Sam shouldn't be involved in Jake's life like Liz mentioned?