Before the lights, cameras, and directors yelling action on your favorite TV show, creators are shelling out millions to make each episode come to life...all while killing off your favorite characters. Companies like HBO, Netflix and AMC are setting the bar high (along with the price tag) by bringing production value for television to a peak it has never been to before. From filming at jaw-dropping locations, paired up with big actor salaries, the quality of modern television can be mistaken for cinematic films. According to Coinage, a personal finance video company with Time Inc., they have released the seven most expensive TV Shows of all-time.

No.7 priciest TV Show: Netflix's 'Sense8'

Coming in at number seven, Netflix original series "Sense8" reportedly costs $9 million an episode. The series tells the story of eight strangers each living in a different corner of the world. Some TV shows ran out of capital and had to shutdown production. At number six, HBO's emmy winning series "Rome" cost $10 million per episode. The show was axed after two seasons. HBO bounced back with number 5 on the most expensive TV show list. "Game of Thrones" costs $10 million an episode.

No.4 priciest TV show: 'Friends'

In at number 4, "Friends" broke the bank with $10 million per episode. Despite the lack of exotic filming locations and CGI, what drove up the cost for the sitcom was the salaries for the six stars.

Each actor was paid $1 million per episode. NBC's "ER" surprisingly made the list at number 3. The show ended up costing $13 million per episode. The price tag gradually climbed throughout its 15 seasons. The show originally cost $1.9 million per episode. Netflix's "The Get Down" comes in at number 2, costing a whopping $120 million for the entire first season.

The culprit for the Netflix original was music licensing. The most expensive television show is another Netflix original, "The Crown." The show reigns as the most expensive TV show to make. The $130 million a season price tag makes the Queen Elizabeth II drama series the most costly television show of all-time.