As “Big Brother” returns to CBS on June 28, 2017, the network also reveals who will join the reality TV show.

CBS has finally announced the names of 16 contestants for the upcoming season of “Big Brother” that is set to premiere in the last week of June 2017. All of the contestants will compete for a $500,000 prize in the "Big Brother" house later this month.

The names of ‘Big Brother’ season 19 contestants

As “Big Brother” is returning to CBS, we feel that further details will be kept under secret until the new episodes go on air. Viewers are encouraged to vote for their favorite contestants, and the person who will get the highest number of votes will be proclaimed as the winner.

CBS has released bios of the 16 houseguests, and there are eight women and eight men. Here is who is going to join the cast this summer:

  • Dominique Cooper: Dominique is a 33-year-old engineer from Woodbridge, VA. Her life’s motto is "pursue dreams at any cost.”
  • Christmas Abbott: Christmas is a fitness expert living in Raleigh. She believes that the lack of privacy will be the most difficult thing while living in the "Big Brother" house.
  • Elena Davies: Elena is only 26 years old, and she is a radio jockey by profession. This Dallas-based girl loves listening to music. She spends a lot of time on Instagram and Twitter every day, and her favorite "Big Brother" member is James Huling from seasons 18.
  • Jessica Graf: Jessica, 26, lives in Los Angeles and is a VIP concierge. She describes herself as a loyal, loud and honest person. She is passionate about starting her own business and needs a lot of money for that.
  • Matthew Clines: Matthew is a 33-year-old renovation consultant and businessman from Arlington. He enjoys eating noodles, reading books, lifting weights and sleeping in his spare time.
  • Jason Dent: Jason, 37, is a rodeo clown. He describes himself as the biggest fan of “Big Brother,” and he loves to spend time with friends every weekend.

The other Cast Members are Cameron Heard (a microbiologist from Illinois), Mark Jansen (a physical trainer), Megan Lowder (a dog walker from Phoenix), Josh Martinez, Cody Nickson, Alex Ow, Jillian Parker, Kevin Schlehuber, Ramses Soto, and Raven Walton.

87 HD cameras

The production made sure to track the activities of all contestants through high-definition cameras. The "Big Brother" house will use 87 HD cameras this season. Plus, there will be more than 90 microphones that will be mounted inside the rooms.