One of the most anticipated new television shows of 2017 has to be the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's amazing fantasy novel "American Gods." The book is coming to Starz, the same network that brought geek fans "Ash vs. Evil Dead," and that is more than enough to excite anyone wanting to see Gaiman's work done right. In even better news, Neil Gaiman has also signed a new first-look deal with Fremantlemedia North America for a multi-year deal to bring his stories to television.

'American Gods' coming to Starz

The most exciting news is that "American Gods" is coming to Starz this year.

The casting is incredible and includes some fantastic geek-friendly names in some very important roles. Ian McShane ("Deadwood") is there to play Mr. Wednesday, the man preparing the Gods of old for a war against the modern day gods. Crispin Glover ("Back to the Future") is Mr. World, Peter Stormare ("Fargo") is Czernobog, and Gillian Anderson ("X-Files") is Media. Even better is that Neil Gaiman says he is very excited based on what he has seen. "American Gods" debuts on Starz on April 30, 2017.

'Good Omens' is coming as well

Now, "Good Omens" was a deal before this new first-look agreement came to fruition. The book was co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (the "Discworld" series). After Pratchett died last year, Gaiman said that the author asked him to safeguard the story and bring it to TV and that has happened.

Fans of "Good Omens" will see it finally come to the small screen in 2018 when Amazon releases it on Prime Video. Even better news is that Gaiman will run the show and it will be a six-part comedy apocalypse miniseries.

Could Neil Gaiman's Sandman be on the horizon?

Any other news on Neil Gaiman projects is simply speculation.

Even Gaiman himself would need to get his ideas accepted by FremantleMedia North America to get them into production. Recently, "Lucifer" was a success on regular TV and that show was a spin-off from the critically acclaimed Neil Gaiman "Sandman" comic book series. This is a comic that many believe to be unfilmable, but with Gaiman getting more notice lately, the chance of a "Sandman" TV series is better than ever.