Fans question how “Reign” season 4 will end. There have been some liberties taken with the show overall for creative reasons, so some wonder whether that will happen here. There is the chance that the show will opt to save Mary and give her a happy ending compared to history. However, Adelaide Kane, who plays the ill-fated Queen of Scots, has admitted that happiness isn’t likely to happen.

‘Reign’ series finale will show Mary’s real fate

Kane shared that while certain liberties have been taken, the show has mostly stuck to the “bones” of the story.

That means births and deaths that were integral to Mary’s life have happened. That would mean that Mary should be executed at the very end of the series. After all, it would be a huge change to history to allow her to live. The only way around it would be to make people believe she has been executed—suggesting that someone snuck Mary Stuart out and replaced her, so she could live out her days in peace and safety.

There are also some photos on social media of the series finale. Mary will head to the scaffold to meet her end.

Francis should be alive with changes

If changes were going to happen, Kane admits that Francis would likely still be alive. After all, fans adored Mary and Francis together.

It looked at one point like the show was going to keep him around. He lasted much longer than expected, making it through the majority of season 3. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be for the French monarch. Eventually the story had to move on to bring Mary back to Scotland and put Charles on the French throne.

Likewise, had “Reign” decided to completely change history, Mary would have likely had an heir to the throne.

Maybe there is a fictional piece out there that shows what could have happened had Mary and Francis had a son to become the King of Scotland, France, and later England.

Elizabeth and Mary may meet

It is possible that the final episodes will include Mary and Elizabeth meeting at last. This never happened in history, but remember that “Reign” is very loosely based on Mary’s history.

There are arguments for and against Mary and Elizabeth meeting in the show. Apart from the fans’ wishes, there wouldn’t actually be the need for this to happen. In fact, it is more heartbreaking that the two never did meet in person.

“Reign” season 4 wraps up on June 16, 2017. There isn’t a series finale synopsis just yet, since there are still seven episodes left. There is likely to be one more break between now and the finale, based on the number of episodes and number of weeks to go. Will fans see Mary’s execution in the “Reign” series finale?