There’s just a month left until Kelly Klein gives birth to Lucifer’s child. That means four weeks or so for the Winchesters to find where she is being kept and find a way to prevent the half-angel from being born. Failure to do so will mean that Kelly dies and all hell breaks loose for the thousandth time on “Supernatural.”

No worries then, right? This is something that the Winchesters can definitely handle. This is “Supernatural” season 12, so they’ve had plenty of practice.

Daigon isn’t going to be easy to kill

During the promo for “Supernatural” season 12, episode 19, the Winchesters will fire shots at Diagon.

She’s already proven difficult to kill, but the promo makes it clearer that she isn’t going down without a fight. This is nothing like dealing with Azazel way back in the second season.

It’s unclear what type of gun the Winchesters are using on Daigon. It doesn’t quite look like the colt. If that’s so, it’s really not that surprising that the bullets don’t work. However, they seem to do nothing at all to the demon, suggesting that she is extremely strong compared to her prince of hell brother.

Castiel returns to the screen

Oh, how long has it been since Castiel has been on “Supernatural” season 12? It seems like way too long, but he is back this week. Of course, with his laugh-out-loud one-liners that he doesn’t quite realize are funny.

This week the angel will tell the Winchesters that Daigon is difficult to kill, which has to be the understatement of the year. The Winchesters know how hard it is to kill a prince of hell.

It also turns out that Castiel has something else in mind for Lucifer’s baby. Is it possible that Castiel thinks the baby could be born and help put heaven back together?

That would certainly be a bold choice, and one that the demons clearly don’t want to happen.

Someone steals the colt in ‘Supernatural’

The Winchesters have only just gotten their hands on the colt and it’s already gone. As Sam finds a way to help Kelly—and she makes a bold choice about her baby—Dean finds out that there is no colt to use anymore.

Just who stole it? Well, there are a handful of ideas.

It is possible that Mick Davis walked away with the colt before his death a few weeks ago. Another option would be that someone else within the British Men of Letters knew about it and took it away. Mary Winchester may have picked it up, or Castiel may have taken it to prevent Daigon’s death and use Lucifer’s baby the way he wants.

“Supernatural” season 12 returns after a week off. “The Future” will air on Thursday, April 27 at 8pm on the CW.