People always had a thing for the scary clown movies. It has been very long time since we had a good clown movie, and we really needed one to bring back the nightmares and make us hate clowns all over again. That is precisely what the new movie "It" will make us do, and a lot of people will be scared of it.

The movie was based on Stephen King’s horror book originally published in 1986. The trailer broke records as the most viewed trailer in the first 24 hours upon release, with the incredible 197 million views.

Scary clowns are back

The story is about a group of kids terrorized by a clown called Pennywise.

The trailer starts with a little boy chasing his paper boat down the street during the rain. After the boat falls down into the drain a scary clown shows his face. The scene is followed by a series of creepy supernatural clown moments, and we are sure it will be scary as hell.

After the first teaser, social networks were filled with comments where people admitted they screamed while watching it and that they really don’t like clowns. However, this is not the first TV adaptation of the novel “It”. Back in the nineties, Tim Curry had TV series based on the novel and it was a huge success. We are sure that the movie will be successful as well, but there are people who have strong feelings about it.

Real-life clowns rebel against the movie

On the other hand, the movie is a really bad advertisement for the real-life clown business. Professional clowns from all around the world had a strong reaction to this Stephen King’s remake, and they claim that even the trailer influenced their work in a negative way. People who have been performing as clowns for a long time claim that people have finally started to overcome their fear of scary clowns.

Now that this horror movie is about to premiere it is inevitable that it will influence the way people think. It will completely change their opinion on clowns, which will eventually take a toll on the jobs of professional clowns.

This movie was also the topic at the recent clown conference in the UK. There were hundreds of people who work as professional clowns from all around the world, and everyone agreed that this movie is awful and they want to make a distance from the very idea of a scary clown.

They also appeal the parents to forbid their children watching it because it is “sensationalistic trash”. The new “It” remake will premiere in cinemas in September this year.