There seems to be no end to the Creepy Clown saga that has been plaguing many US states since the end of August. Sightings of scary clowns have been popping up in such widespread areas that there must be a lot of these lunatic pranksters. The latest creepy clown threat has put many schools on alert in the St. Louis, MO area.

Creepy Clowns issue threat to kids and teachers

According to the latest News reports, a group of clowns issued a warning message to many schools throughout the St. Louis area, including Florissant and Hazelwood schools. This group of clowns is threatening to “kill the teachers and kidnap the kids,” on Monday, Oct 3rd.This dire warning is being taken very seriously in light of all of the other creepy clown sightings and warnings.

The schools say they will not close, but are on high alert. Local police have ramped up patrols, especially around the targeted schools. Most all of the other threats against schools have turned out to be a kid pulling what they thought was a funny prank, but police state that they must take each threat seriously, whether it's intended as a prank or not.

Parents aren’t laughing and have taken to monitoring their children’s whereabouts much closer since these creepy clown sightings started. Children who once loved clowns now fear that they will be kidnapped or harmed by one of these Creepy clowns that are popping up. Some adults who have a fear of clowns are even refusing to leave their home at night.

Taking Creepy Clown attacks seriously

According to a report in USA Today, many of the creepy clown sightings turned out to be fabricated from people’s imagination, or called in as a joke. Other adults swore they also saw these clowns, and while the police were unable to locate any of the clowns, they could not discredit the report either.While the police in the areas of these sightings might believe there are no creepy clowns lurking around, they still need to investigate each and every report.

Let’s just hope some of these pranksters don’t get their own taste of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

The schools in the Florissant, Mehlville and Hazelwood district that received threats recently all sent alerts and email messages out to the parents of kids attending those schools. Parents took to Facebook, telling the various schools to shut down for the day, some insisted their child would not be attending even if the schools remained open.

Another empty threat by Creepy Clowns for laughs?

This threat was made by a group on Facebook called “Clowning Around.” The post and the page now come up as unavailable. Did someone create a page and make these idle threats, thinking it was funny to scare people in the St. Louis area? It’s nearly impossible to simply state it is just a joke.

Someone is going to take matters into their own hands and go hunting clowns…then even the harmless clowns could be targets. No one seems to know why or where the next clown sighting will come from. Everyone is on guard and being watchful with their children. Can you blame them?