Kylie Jenner now has her own reality television series as announced by E! on Monday. Titled Life of Kylie it is an eight-part docuseries that will run for half an hour each and will be soon seen in the coming summer.

Aside from her social media pages, fans can now follow her life on the small screens as it is set to feature her life as an “entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics.”

New television series

According to Kylie herself, the new reality television series will give her fans the chance to see all the things she has been doing while working and in her personal life.

She also said that the in the last couple of years, she has been through an incredible journey with the help of her fans.

Hence, this will be her treat by giving them a glimpse of her life. The E! Executive Vice President, Programming & Development Jeff Olde also said that with her exceptional beauty, being in business and fashion icon status, this has made her the most successful woman in the world. As she has already achieved a lot in her young years, they know that fans will be happy to see and follow her life.

Moreover, aside from being the lead star, she is also the show’s executive producer. The youngest Jenner has a total of more than 100 million followers on her Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Thus, it is strongly believed that “Life of Kylie” will have a great following. The show is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions, the same team handling “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Sibling rivalry

Among the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it looks like Kylie is the most famous for having the biggest fan base.

Now that she has her own television series, it seems her family is quite jealous but still supportive of her.

“The show has been in talks for months. The family is excited about it,” a source told People. Aside from Kylie, Kendall Jenner is also one of the famous stars among the siblings and the two are keeping the “entire family relevant.”

However, there is still a hint of sibling rivalry now that she has her own show that most of her siblings don’t have.

“Overall, everyone is really happy about it. But of course, there’s some jealousy that comes along with all the attention that Kylie is getting,” the insider continued.

Of course, her mother Kris Jenner might be the happiest of them all as she congratulated her youngest daughter on Twitter. The 61-year-old momager also said she is a proud mama of what she has been achieving.