Author of horror Stephen King managed to make a mockery out of President Donald Trump, taking to Twitter to provide his own “conspiracy theories.” King’s series of tweets follows Trump's wiretapping allegations against former President Barack Obama. In his usual highly imaginative writing, the novelist pitched the idea of Obama still within the confines of the White House and apart from wiretapping, he managed to steal strawberry ice cream.

Noticeably, the way the author constructed his tweets is similar to that of the president, wherein specific words are capitalized for added emphasis.

He also managed to sneak in “SAD!” to end his tweets, again a dig at Trump.

Trump vs. Obama

Saturday saw the president accuse the Obama administration (via Twitter) of wiretapping his phones. The tweets were emblazoned with the words “Nixon/Watergate” and “McCarthyism,” also calling the former president a “bad (or sick) guy.” The accusations, albeit serious, are without evidence and Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, was quick to deny them, calling it false.

According to the spokesman, the White House under Obama’s administration has never hampered with Department of Justice-led investigation, and that the former president had never been ordered to wiretap any citizen of the US.

As of this writing, no evidence has been provided by the Trump administration. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who served under Obama, also reiterated Lewis statements, saying that the FBI did not obtain a court order to wiretap Trump, as with any intelligence agencies he supervised.

King vs. Trump

One of the many tweets that the horror novelist sent out in 2016 involved the announcement of his new horror story, as seen below.

He has always been outspoken of his disdain for Trump, even speaking out against the president’s altercation with the press and the controversial travel ban.

In a recent interview, the author took another dig at the Trump administration, to which he likened to “The Stupids,” the 1996 Tom Arnold film. "All politics aside, the Trump administration reminds me of that Tom Arnold movie, THE STUPIDS, King told the press. “Really, you guys, this is embarrassing."