We all know that the end of „Game of Thrones“ is getting near. While everyone is looking forward to seasons seven and eight, it is also making fans sad because everything will be over. However, it seems that HBO is not done with Seven kingdoms and all of its magic. According to the Hollywood Reporter, there might be up to four spinoffs of the show. It is still unclear whether the shows will be simply spinoffs, prequels or sequels or if HBO accept all of them in the end. But even though the television network hasn’t released any information about these potential series, faithful fans have a couple of theories of what might be going on.

Stories of characters we’ve only heard about

The most logical conclusion is that they will have a prequel series since there is a ton of material to work with there. It would likely include the events and characters we’ve only heard about like Mad King, Rhaegar Targaryen, and Lyanna Stark. There might be more about Ned and Catelyn Stark and their love story. However, it would also be interesting to see the history and the rise of the Targaryen family. The Targaryens are a family which became very powerful and magical in a short period of time, and whose demise was predicted by our precious Khaleesi Daenerys.

On the other hand, HBO might decide to go with a sequel series. It is hard to predict what that show might be about since we still don’t know how “Game of Thrones” ends, but it will probably follow the story of the person that ends up sitting on the Iron throne.

It might also follow some of the characters, such as Arya or Brienne of Tarth. However, there is a chance that the upcoming season will raise more questions and that would open up possibilities for a sequel.

Early history of Westeros

Another theory suggests that the producers might decide to ignore all of our beloved character and even their grand-grandparents since the story of the early Westeros history is very interesting.

We have seen glimpses of those stories in Bran’s visions, but that is not nearly enough to satisfy our imagination. What is the story of the Children of the Forest, the White Walkers and the First Men? How did humans create Seven kingdoms when the White Walkers were around all the time? Those are just some of the questions that we desperately need to be answered.

It would also be fun to see a spinoff centered on only one family, which follows them from their beginnings. This seems unlikely since it would be very hard to decide which family to choose. All of them are very interesting and have something unique that needs to be explored, but fans would probably not be very happy about it since they all have their favorites and excluding them would not be good. In any case, we are looking forward to anything related to “Game of Thrones” and we will surely enjoy it no matter what they choose to do.