We are about to say goodbye to the “The Big Bang Theory” for a while since the finale for Season 10 is coming soon. In an exclusive clip from the episode, we can see that Sheldon and Amy’s relationship will be tested since Sheldon’s admirer is returning while Amy is away. However, it will probably give authors enough material for the upcoming two seasons they agreed on filming.

The show will outlast some of the most popular NBC shows

Co-creator of the show Chuck Lorre said that the key to their success in the growth of relationships in the show. We have a group of scientists who couldn’t even talk to women or be in the same room with them at the beginning of the show, who have now evolved and have either serious relationships or have stepped into marriage (except for Raj who is still single but still made a huge progress).

Another indicator of success is the fact that this show will outlast some of NBC’s most popular series like “Friends” or “Frasier” with its two-season extension and a prequel called “Young Sheldon”.

Season 10 finale will put to the test a relationship which had the hardest time making a real progress. While couples like Penny and Leonard, and Howard and Bernadette accept things like marriage, babies and moving in together as a normal part of their lives, Sheldon and Amy are stuck trying to deal with it. Now that their relationship started looking normal, Amy will be away for three months and one of the Sheldon’s greatest admirers is back and plans to seduce this naïve genius.

Producers were not so happy about introducing Amy and Bernadette, at first

Executive producer Steven Molaro reflected on the characters as well. He said that all of them have made huge progress and that he is proud of all the decisions they made even though they seemed to be wrong at the time. In Season 3 they introduced characters of Amy and Bernadette and at first, everyone thought it was unnecessary.

The show was very popular with the characters it had and there was no need for additional characters and storylines. Later, it turned out to be an excellent decision since the two had such a great influence on the development of other characters, especially Sheldon.

Some critics accused the producers of introducing these characters because they were desperate not to lose their ratings, which often happens to long running shows.

However, Jim Parsons doesn’t agree and he said that they were introduced way before they were desperate for anything. He confirmed everything Molaro said about not being sure if they needed them, but in the end, everyone was so happy they did. Now that we’re about to say goodbye to Season 10, we are also happy Amy and Bernadette came to the show because it wouldn’t be the same without them.