"The Last Jedi" trailer premiered on April 14, 2017 at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida and fans were immediately in love with the glimpse they got. The video was shown during a special panel for Rian Johnson's anticipated film, and many attendees had been lined up for seats a day in advance, eager for any news about the sequel.

'The Last Jedi' trailer: characters

Just shy of two minutes, the trailer does reveal that the movie may be more focused on Luke Skywalker, especially in a mentorship role for Rey, who will be learning more about The Force.

But there won't be anymore Jedi (hence the name of the film). Perhaps Luke is preparing a new army for a very different kind of battle.

Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, also makes an appearance in the trailer, standing surrounded by flames. Kylo Ren is back too, of course, and though he is still a major antagonist, the imagery in the the trailer suggests that he's undergone some character development.

What many people have found to be fascinating about the trailer is how Carrie Fisher's character, General Leia Organa, seems to be playing a crucial role in the story. At Star Wars Celebration, Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucasfilm commented on Fisher's work in "The Last Jedi," saying, "Carrie is remarkable in the movie...the performance she ended up giving, and what Rian wrote, I think you guys are going to find that an amazing tribute to her talent."

'The Last Jedi' vs. 'The Force Awakens'

Watch the two trailers below side by side to see all of the similarities for yourself.

Twitter user @xwithmywoes posted the video on April 15 to bring attention to the parallels. Do you think the same video team was hired? Or maybe the editing team is just following the old saying: if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Not only are the types of camera shots strikingly similar, but the timing and imagery that accompanies each shot is just too perfect to be a coincidence.

Both trailers begin with the protagonist finding themselves startled and breathing heavily, continuing to a wide landscape shot, then to a spaceship -- even the moments when we see masks on the ground are identical. Surely, this was meant to be done on purpose, but why?

During the Star Wars Celebration, fans who had waited hours (or days) for the new trailer were of course excited to see the footage, but after the fact, perhaps they felt as though they had been cheated? What do you think? Are the trailers too similar or are you already in love with "The Last Jedi"?