Robyn Brown of "Sister Wives" is finally going to her Twitter and speaking out against someone who has been lying about her family. Kendra Pollard claims to be a family friend, but according to Robyn, that is not the case at all. She recently went to the tabloids and said that Robyn was leaving her her husband Kody and was also allegedly pregnant with another child. Now Robyn is speaking out against her and sharing her side of the story with her followers.

What rumors is Robyn Brown slamming?

The rumors came from Kendra Pollard, and she said that Robyn was planning to leave Kody, partially due to the way he treats her children.

This is hard to believe considering that Meri actually divorced Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children as his own. This was so the kids could always be in the Brown family no matter what happened to Robyn in the future. She has three kids from a previous relationship and two so far with Kody.

There is also a rumor that Kody Brown is looking for another wife and might even have one picked out. On the show, Kody has said that he doesn't plan to marry again. He already has four wives at home, but Kendra tried to say that he is going to be getting another one. Now, this is one rumor that Robyn isn't saying anything about, so nobody really knows if it is true or not.

So now Kendra Pollard is saying that Robyn is leaving and going back to Utah where their family is at and is done with Kody. She even said she would leave by Easter. Well, that day is here, and if Robyn has left Kody, then the word hasn't gotten out to the fans just yet. Right now, new episodes of "Sister Wives" aren't airing at all.

TLC hasn't shared yet when the new season will be coming out or if it will at all. The fans are really hoping that this show will return soon.

Robyn actually went to her Twitter a couple of days ago to slam the rumors totally. She said, "Hey tabloids! Kendra is NOT my friend, and I don't talk to her. Ever. Period. I am not pregnant, and I am not divorcing Kody.

All lies." The Brown family doesn't talk about the rumors very often, but Robyn is finally doing it. Maybe Kendra will stop talking about the family, but you just never know.

Are you shocked to hear Robyn Brown of "Sister Wives" finally calling out Kendra and saying she is lying? Do you feel like this will get Kendra to stop speaking out to the tabloids? Regardless, she can't be happy that Robyn is calling her out. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.