david bowie's fans were devastated when the rock icon passed away in 2016, beginning a long trend of celebrity deaths throughout the year. It stands to reason that when, shortly after his passing, an alleged reboot was announced, fans of the rock icon were furious. It seemed like Hollywood was on the verge of paying Bowie the greatest disrespect.

it seemed like the equivalent of recasting Paul Walker with Justin Bieber in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, a rumor started when rapper-turned-actor Ludacris suggested it. Walker's fans were somewhat relieved when the rumor turned out to be nothing more than the rapper's suggestion, and the actor simply had his face mapped over his brothers' bodies.

Admittedly, Vin Diesel felt Paul's character needed at least a proper send-off in "Furious 7," so it was justified.

Other films have used this technique as well, such as Disney's "Tron: Legacy," to bring a younger Jeff Bridges face to face with his current self, and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," which brought Carrie Fisher back from the dead as her younger self.

The 'Labyrinth' sequel won't even face map David Bowie

Those in charge of the upcoming film aren't planning to use the Goblin King, as insiders have confirmed. This isn't to say that Bowie's classic villain won't be mentioned, but there won't be any CG attempts to bring him back to the screen. Not much is known of what the movie will be about, but the people in charge have called it a "continuation" of the original film.

Also admittedly, the loss of David Bowie will leave new producer Lisa Henson and director Fede Alvarez ("Don't Breathe") with some big shoes to fill. The rock icon was central to the original film due to his musical numbers and unique voice basically turning the film into another album for him.

This should not be confused with the upcoming Johnny Depp and Forrest Whitaker movie 'LAbyrinth'

Coming later this year from writer Christian Contreras and director Brad Furman, "LAbyrinth" will follow the investigation of the mysterious deaths of rap icons Tupac Shakur and Biggie. While the title is spelled almost identical aside from the capitalized "a," the upcoming Henson film has nothing to do with it.

So far very little is known aside from the fact that the "Labyrinth" sequel will not be a reboot. Appearances by Jennifer Connelly might still happen, though in today's social climate it's doubtful that there will be another kidnapped baby.

David Bowie is still the Goblin King, fans, but he won't be making an appearance in the upcoming film.