Zac Efron Pole danced on last night's epsiode of "The Graham Norton Show" while he was promoting his new movie "Baywatch." Okay, well maybe we can't really call it "pole dancing" per se, but he did show off his ridiculous upper body strength by holding himself up horizontally while rocking out to Flo Rida's "Low" in front of a live studio audience in London.

Zac Efron's photoshoot

It all started when Graham Norton called Efron out on a photo he saw in a magazine where a shirtless Zac Efron is seen doing the pole trick on a parking meter. Norton said that he was just looking through a magazine when he saw that "Zac was casually walking down the street with no shirt on" and that he "must have got tired." He then said that Efron was "leaning against a parking meter," but when you look at the photo, he is not leaning at all.

He's holding himself up horizontally using only his arm strength.

Graham Norton assumed that Efron could do the stunt again on his show, and judging by Efron's genuine look of surprise, it's safe to say that the "Baywatch" did not know ahead of time. Efron didn't think Norton was serious at first and he didn't even react when Norton said that there was a pole in the studio, but when Efron turned around and saw the pole off to the side of the set, you could see him start to get a bit nervous.

Did he want to do the pole stunt?

He first wanted to inspect that it was safe. Zac Efron asked if it had been tested and then he wanted to know who tested it, to which Norton responded, "We're not sure of her name." Everyone seemed excited with what was going to happen -- except for Efron -- but he was a trooper and started jamming to the music, with the audience cheering him on as he grabbed the pole.

Along with Graham Norton, Tom Cruise was also super impressed by the stunt. After he walked back over to the couch, Efron asked them if he got flat, wanting to know if he had done the trick well enough, and Cruise agreed with Norton that it was even better than the photoshoot.

Zac Efron performs the stunt

Watch the full video below to see Zac Efron realize what he was being asked to do and to see him perform the trick on camera.

Efron admitted that he was just really glad that he could still do the stunt. Maybe Graham Norton should have dropped him a hint before renting a pole for his studio?

Were you impressed by his stunt? Did you think that Graham Norton should have told Zac Efron ahead of time? Let us know in the comments below.