Watch "Famous In Love" from Freeform without needing to wait each week for a new episode. Starting April 18 at 9pm EST, viewers can watch the entire first season of the series and binge watch on their own time. The first episode will air live on Freeform simultaneously with the series release, but fans can continue the story online!

'Famous In Love' dives into Hollywood life

Based on the novel by Rebecca Serle, the show takes a fast-paced inside look at the life of movie celebrities as they navigate their own professional and personal lives as the stars of a series.

Ordinary college student Paige, played by Bella Thorne, lands her first major role as an actress for a popular Hollywood blockbuster film. Her life is flipped upside down as she learns to live in the spotlight, in real life, and on social media. As the new "It Girl" in town, Paige is faced with the "highs and lows" of having celebrity status. But on top of all that, she's still a university student!

And what would celebrity life be like without some romantic drama? Paige Townsen has chemistry with her new co-star Rainer Devon, played by Carter Jenkins, who's not a newcomer to the Hollywood scene. With all of her attention being pulled towards her exciting and dramatic career, her relationships with her two best friends are at risk (especially if one of them wants to think of Paige as more than just her friend).

"Famous In Love" stars Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins, Charlie Depew, Georgie Flores, Niki Koss, Pepi Sonuga, Keith Powers, and Perrey Reeves. The series is executive produced by Marlene King, Christopher Fife, Miguel Arteta, Melissa Carter, and Dan Farah, with Rebecca Serle as a co-executive producer.

Watch season one previews

You can watch "Famous In Love" on, on the Freeform or ABC apps, or on Hulu. In the preview clip below, Paige and Rainer meet at their audition for the first time, and their chemistry as a couple might go beyond that of their characters. Check out the scene here:

Freeform has also released a clip that shows what Paige's life is like once she's booked the role in the film.

We see her learning about back-lots, paparazzi, red carpets, parties, and what it's like to be followed by security for the first time. Oh, and don't forget about the jealousy, lies, and scandals that come with landing the hottest new role in Hollywood. Watch the trailer for the second episode of the series, "A Star Is Torn":