Cuba Gooding Sr., the lead singer of "The Main Ingredient," was found dead in his car on Thursday in California. Gooding 72, was the father of Jerry McGuire star Cuba Gooding Jr., and also Omar Gooding from "Hanging with Mr. Cooper." The Main Ingredient had a big hit with "Everybody plays the fool and "I just don't want to be lonely." According to TMZ, Gooding was found around 4:00 p.m. in the San Fernando Valley. The cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Family Man

Cuba Sr. and his wife Shirley had 4 children. In addition to Cuba Jr., and Omar, Gooding was also father to Tommy a musician, and April and actress.

His wife Shirley was a backup singer for "The Sweethearts." Cuba Sr. and Shirley divorced in the 1970's but remarried in 1995. They had been together ever since. In January Cuba Gooding Jr. shared how he often went on stage with his father, who would give him the mic and allow him to sing.

Another legend gone too soon

Although Gooding was 72, fans feel he has left them too soon. It's probably because of the sudden shocking manner in which he died. Cuba Sr. appeared to be in good health and was still singing. he as a sharp dresser and always smiling. Because he continued to be relevant and did not look his age, fans probably saw his gift and did not view him as an older man. He is one more icon who has passed away recently.

Only 4 months into 2017 and the world has mourned for a number of celebrities who died. They include Chuck Burris, Charlie Murphy, Tony Rosato, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Mike Conners, Butch Truck, Barbara Hale, and Al Jarreau.

The Main Ingredient

Cuba Gooding Sr., joined "The Main Ingredient" in 1971 after lead singer Donald McPherson died suddenly from Leukemia.

"Everybody plays the fool" became a million seller the following year. It was number 2 on the R&B charts and reached number 3 on the Pop chart. In 1973 the song was nominated for a Grammy. In 1974 the group's version of "I just don't want to be lonely," made it to number 10 on Billboard's hot 100 list and sold one million copies.

Gooding was no stranger when he joined the group. He sang backup for them and also filled in when McPhearson was dealing with cancer. Gooding later began a solo career with Motown but returned to the group in the 1980's.His last solo project was in 1993. "The Main Ingredient "was supposed to be on tour with "The Chilites," and "The Manhattans." They were scheduled to play at the Miramar Regional Amphitheater, in Miramar FL., on May 13th.