Leah Messer has been living her life to the fullest, and she wants other women to do the same. While her other co-stars are getting married or having children, Messer's choosing to walk a different path. She wants to help other women receive the care they need, and in more ways than one. She's partnered with Live Your Standard, a community that's designed to help others through life coaches and conferences. However, she's giving more than just advice; she's giving her heart.

No stuffy rooms, velvet seats, or tissue boxes here

Messer announced her newest venture on her YouTube channel yesterday, and she's very excited about the possibilities.

She's going to be a life coach, or a person who provides counsel to help people evaluate their goals and manage them. "I am training to be a life coach, and I can't wait. I'm about teaching women to just love themselves, stay positive, and change their whole mindset. That's why I want you guys on my team," she revealed. People can email her more about the opportunity, but she'll probably charge a fee for her services like any other life coach. However, unlike other life coaches, a "Teen Mom 2" star could be giving advice.

The School of Hard Knocks

Even though Messer's not certified yet, she still has commendable credentials to her name. The past few seasons of "Teen Mom 2" have shown the mother in a downward spiral.

She was always depressed or stressed, and she had very few coping mechanisms. She knew she only had two choices; she was either going to go further down the rabbit hole, or she was going to seek help.

She booked a flight to a rehabilitation center, and she stayed at the facility to get better. Messer went through hell, but she's now in a state of health and happiness.

She wants to spread the love. "I just love the interaction with all of the other women, and I want to show them that, you know, there's so much more to life," she says. She learned the proper tools to handle her anxiety and depression, so she's offering the same tools to others in need. She wants them to deal with their issues without harmful behaviors. They deserve the best life they can live, and Messer's goal is to help them achieve their ultimate reality.