Lately, the lives of each Duggar could be viewed as beyond busy. While one woman just gave birth earlier this year, two more will give over the summer. While another woman got married last year, the other girl got married this year. You guys all know whom I'm talking about: Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy-Anna Forsyth. They're supposed to be in the happiest stages of their lives, but drama seems to follow them everywhere. Ever since Josh Duggar's sex scandals, the Duggar's image has been in a state of limbo. Read about their bad and good here.

The 2017 year brought lawyers and lawsuits

Right now, the Duggar girls Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy are suing a major publication and their own home state. Why? Because they were outed as their eldest brother's victims. According to them, they buried their trauma, and they never thought they'd relive the past in the spotlight.

Since InTouch Weekly broke the news of their sexual abuse, the four women's lives were severely impacted. They had to get a lawyer. "Four members of the Duggar family are suing InTouch Weekly as well as the city of Springdale and Washington County, Arkansas for breach of privacy," an AOL article states. The magazine was the first to write an exposé on Josh Duggar's crimes, which forever changed the both his life, not to mention his entire family's life.

They were exposed to even more trauma, so the girls are vying for justice.

But 2017 also brought bundles of joy

While the family's going through the legal system, they still have their blessings. Jill's about to give birth to her second baby (a boy), and she and her own family just moved back to the United States. They're taking a break from their missionary work to see Joy-Anna get married.

Hell, she's probably already married. According to an InTouch Weekly article (ironic, right?), "The 19-year-old is rumored to have already married Austin on Saturday, May 20 -- just two months after they got engaged." If they really got hitched, then the Duggar brood might just go insane.

After all, two women will be expected to announce their pregnancies soon: the 23-year-old beauty Jinger and her 19-year-old kid sister Joy.

Hopefully, the women can announce a surprise beyond wedding bells, births, and babies. If the four women actually win their lawsuit, then they should consider investing their spoils into something worthwhile and long-lasting, like an education. They're too smart and too talented to not go to college.