Talk about a fireworks display.

Blac Chyna (née Angela White) and Rob Kardashian started dating, conceived a child, and starred in their own reality show "Rob & Chyna," and all within a year. The couple moved too fast, which only meant one thing: an inevitable wreck. Instead of spending precious time with loved ones, they lit each other on fire.

On July 4, 2017, White taunted Kardashian with racy snaps of her and her lover in bed. Kardashian responded by taunting the world with racy snaps of White, too. His Instagram followers saw her vagina firsthand.

However, Kardashian exposed to them more than just genitals. He ranted on Twitter about how much White exploited him (ironic), and social-media-mongers tweeted their thoughts. Even other celebrities spoke their peace.

Snoop Dogg spits the truth

Snoop Dogg's (née Calvin Broadus) a rapper, but he missed his calling.

After Kardashian went on a tirade online, Broadus took to Twitter, too. Instead of provoking or prodding either party, he played therapist to the brokenhearted sock-seller. "Quit crying to the Internet. You got more money to burn; go buy another [woman]," he tells Kardashian. He advised him to man up. According to him, he needs to grind, and not whine. The milk's already been spilled, not to mention spoiled.

YouTuber speaks from experience

Known for her crying rants on kitchen floors, Trisha Paytas knows firsthand how devastating breakups can be. Her erratic behavior bit her in the butt too many times, so she warned Kardashian and White through her Twitter account. "If you have a kid with someone , this is like LINES WAY CROSSED," she tweets.

Even though Kardashian only wanted to alleviate his own pain, he caused more damage than repair. Not only did he hurt the mother of his firstborn, but he put himself in a potentially lethal, legal situation. His baby mama might just suck him dry, and not in a good way.

T.I. talks trash

The tea's literally so hot, he spilled the freaking cup.

T.I. (née Clifford Harris) adds the pièce de résistance of Kardashian and White's downfall; he and his wife engaged in a threesome with - drum roll, please - White! "Let's talk about the threesome you had with Chyna and your baby mama Tiny. U got no moves bro," Kardashian says on Instagram. When Harris accused Kardashian of being a "duck" (or a gullible sucker), the designer took his words to heart, so, he dissed Harris' stamina and prowess. Their catfight never went past Instagram comments and posts, but Kardashian's ego suffered a major blow. Hopefully, he can recover. He is a father, after all.