Trisha Pastas has made more than twenty music videos, written six books, and cultivated an impressive fandom. She's who Perez Hilton called a "social media personality," and he's who Paytas would call a "hot" celebrity. Obviously, their collaboration was bound to happen. The two talked about everything under the sun in a lengthy interview. Whether they were laughing about Paytas' beef or escorting extravaganzas, the pair riveted their audience from beginning to end.

Here's just a few excerpts of their hour-long discussion.

Paytas gets down and dirty

Paytas has always worn her heart on her sleeve, and sometimes that has gotten the best of her. However, her emotions just make her entertaining and relatable. Her biggest problem is her biggest asset: her mouth. She can spin the most boring subjects in the most interesting way, but she's known for going overboard. She has zero chill. Within ten minutes of their talk, Paytas gave her raw opinion on Onision, one of YouTube's most controversial characters.

"Onision has two houses and two cars, and he wants people to donate [money] to him. He's an ass," she said. According to Paytas, the man's a moocher, not to mention a creep. "He'll date underage people, and he and his wife had a girlfriend in their relationship.

He locked her in their basement," she revealed. Paytas was serving the tea piping hot, and Hilton was just begging for seconds. The best was yet to come, though. Onision may be quirky, but Paytas is the paragon of idiosyncrasy.

She also gets personal

Hilton had a lot to learn about his interviewee. He knew she was a larger-than-life YouTuber, but he had little knowledge of her life before her fame.

Before she became an Internet sensation, she was a stripper and escort. Hilton was floored. He yelled, "What!? You were an escort?" His face was beet red, and his hands were flying. However, his surprise egged Paytas on even more. She was excited to reveal her truth, and revel in her past. "[Escorting] is what the Instagram models do.

If they have the airplane emoji on their Instagram, then they're escorts," she dished.

Hilton's face was priceless. His jaw dropped to the floor, and he held his hand tight against his chest. Who knew that an innocent emoji meant such deviance? Hilton was unprepared, but he handled the shock like a champ. While his reactions were gold, the true star was the woman sitting beside him. Regardless of her contentions and craziness, Paytas is genuine, authentic, and unabashed.