Southern Charm” is back for another season tonight on Bravo, and Kathryn Dennis is back as well. There was a lot of talk that she wouldn’t be on the show, but she is there and vowing to get her life together. Kathryn has been dealing with some issues over the last year or so.

Kathryn Dennis vows to get her act together

In a big sneak peek from the premiere of the new season of “Southern Charm,” it turns out that Kathryn calls Craig Conover and tells him that she is coming back to town. Kathryn has been doing her own thing and not in Charleston.

She has actually allegedly been in rehab instead. This makes it hard to be around her kids and have her act together, but fans are hoping that she can finally get everything together again.

Kathryn Dennis does have two children with Thomas Ravenel. He has been spending a lot of time with the kids and sharing photos of them on social networks. There has been talk that he actually has full custody of the kids. The thing is Kathryn and Thomas can’t seem to get along with each other lately. They have been on again and off again, but now the two are obviously not together.

In the preview, Craig Conover talks about what is going on with Kathryn Dennis. He says, “I haven’t talked to Kathryn in months.

But I mean, look: Kathryn has some issues, she’s dealing with some s— right now. Last I heard she was out in California, a rehab center somewhere.” He goes on to say that his life is easier without Kathryn Dennis in it. It sounds like Craig wants her to get her act together, but doesn’t really sound like he wants her around him causing drama.

Craig is one of the few people that Kathryn still has on her side in Charleston.

Are you surprised to hear that Kathryn Dennis is back on “Southern Charm” again? Do you think that she will get her act together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of “Southern Charm” on Monday nights on Bravo. Tonight is the big premiere and you will get to see Kathryn once again and find out what has been going on with her lately.