A few days ago, Niantic added the shiny Pokémon to “Pokémon GO” and some users already got their Golden Magikarp and their Red Gyarados. As you know, shiny Pokémon have long been in classic Nintendo games and were recently enabled in “Pokémon GO." It is worth mentioning that one of the main characteristics of the shiny Pokémon, which first appeared in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, is that they present a special and unique color. Likewise, when you send them into combat, a ray of stars surrounds them. Getting these prized creatures may not be easy, however, today, we share with you a new trick with which you can catch these Pokemon, especially the golden ones.

Do you already have yours? If not, this trick will be very useful.

The new trick in order to get a golden Magikarp Pokemon

Getting a shiny Magikarp is extremely difficult; however, there is a trick that will allow you to obtain it in a very simple way. According to a user of Reddit, the secret is to use incense in places with many pokéstops. According to this theory, in places with many pokéstops, they are usually full of Magikarp and it is only a matter of using the incense in order to get a golden Magikarp. It is worth noting that this trick is personal, that is, if you go with your friend and he gets a shiny Magikarp, it is very likely that you will get a normal one, which may even be a Ditto in disguise.

The game still has present errors with the new update

The new updates continue to present errors, which has motivated certain complaints from users. However, according to the Niantic portal, the company is working hard to correct these important details, and take them into account for the next update coming.

Additional information

At the moment, the only shiny Pokémon that Niantic has enabled in “Pokémon GO” are Magikarp and Gyarados; however, it is very likely that this will change in the future and there will be more Pokémon in different colors.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.