Niantic has just introduced two types of missions that will lead us to meet legendary Pokémon and face challenges of different difficulty. With the introduction of the special quests, most ''Pokemon GO'' players are looking for new tips and tricks to get Mew quickly, saving money and raid passes at the same time.

The odds of catching Mew are completely different from every other creature we've seen in the augmented reality game so far. Below is everything I know right now concerning the new trick to get Mew in “Pokemon GO."

A new method to get Mew quickly without spending time and money

In order for ''Pokemon GO'' players and trainers to catch Mew, it will be necessary to complete 8 Special Research quests with various challenges.

One of these challenges is to Battle in 2 raids and Battle in 10 raids -- which means a lot of passes and time to spend. The special quests do not specify that players have to win the raid. There is a New trick that allows players to use only one raid pass for each of these special quests in the game.

Battling in 2 raids

This special quest is part of Mythical Discovery 3 of 8. As I said before, players do not have to win the raid. All they need is to enter the raid, get themselves knocked out and wait at the rejoin screen until the timer ends the battle. It is worth mentioning that players cannot run away from the raid before they time out, they must stay there. After that, they can do the raid again, but for this second time, they will need to succeed.

An interesting fact to take into account is that players can leave the fight, go to the rejoin screen, and wait there.

Battling in 10 raids

The trick here is to do the same steps as the previous one, but players will need one more trainer to collaborate together. While players do the timer trick, the trainer creates a lobby for them, approximately 81-86 seconds before time runs out.

Doing these procedures, players avoid waiting in the lobby -- which gives them extra time to join the lobby at their leisure.

A new, special event coming to the game

In addition, it is worth mentioning that a new event could be happening in the coming days. There is no confirmation from Niantic yet, but according to a source in Japan, the company will release new legendary Pokemon in a new event coming to the game in the coming days.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.