Just a few hours ago, a new event from “Pokemon GO” stared, which brings new special items. Niantic has added new evolution items, which will be appearing randomly for seven days. Undoubtedly, evolutionary items are the favorite rewards for the fans of "Pokemon GO" during this new event, because during these days, these new items will be freely available in the game. One of the most interesting details is that the new rewards will let players receive many different kinds of appreciated items of the new evolution, which are very important to develop a better game.

However, it should be mentioned that there are players who have not been able to get the new rewards in the game, so they have not been able to get the new items of evolution, because of this, the developers of Niantic have examined and updated the game.

The two new versions for Android and iOS

Recently, Niantic enabled the new version of “Pokemon GO” (the 0.59.1 for Androind and the1.29.1 for iOS). However, these have brought with them several technical errors, which have been taken into account by the developers, who hope that this updated version can solve the problem that users of "Pokemon GO" have been facing in the last hours. Although the Niantic technical support has already updated these versions and corrected the errors, users have not been able to obtain guaranteed rewards, in order to get the new evolutionary elements.

New experiences of some players

One of the users of Reddit started a tour just after Niantic enabled the update. The user commented that in the end, the elements of evolution continued appearing randomly, but not as expected. This has created some doubts about the new seven day rewards system, which, according to this and other user reports does not continue to work effectively as promised by the developers.

Additional information

Other "Pokemon GO" trainers shared the same experience while playing their favorite game through the updated version. According to one comment, one of them acquired an element of evolution at a random Pokestop, however, this was not his first round of the day, nor his seventh day, an example of which elements of evolution continue appearing in the game, but not guaranteed as before.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.