New exciting updates along with great discoveries continue to arrive in the augmented reality game. Just a few hours ago, a group of ''Pokemon GO'' players came out to share a new discovery. They have reportedly discovered a new way to set the time zone of their phones and tablets to one that is 13 hours against the GTM, being able to claim tomorrows stamp right now. It is a great discovery, if we take into account that Europe received quests at 10 PM, making the first stamp virtually impossible to get for most people at day 0.

Below is everything I know right now concerning the new 7-Day Research Breakthrough reward discovered in “Pokemon GO."

After the announcement of this new discovery, many ''Pokemon GO'' players and trainers around the world are hoping up to get a Moltres without having to wait the time set by the developer.

While it's guaranteed to be an encounter on the 7seventh day of Field Research, it's not guaranteed to be the only encounter. I have a feeling that we could see any of the legendaries that we've seen in the past, but aren't currently available in raids.

Rewards players can get with this new method

By using this new method, ''Pokemon GO'' players worldwide are getting a new way to finish the days of the research task faster. The additional research breakthrough rewards include the items below.

  • 2000 Stardust

  • 4 Rare Candy

  • 3000 XP

  • 5 Ultra Balls

  • 7 Pinap Berries

  • Moltres encounter

Details are still coming out but it’s completely clear that the most valued reward for the first breakthrough is an encounter with Moltres.

Additional information

While some ''Pokemon GO'' players spend their time looking for Mew under trucks, others prefer to continue to confront the most powerful bosses of the raids in a very peculiar way. Instead of employing some of the best pocket monsters present in the mobile application, a user has chosen to face a challenge of such caliber with the sole help of a Rattata that he has in great consideration.

It is not for less, because the Pokémon is in level 40 and prepared to fight with whom it is necessary if that is the desire of his trainer. The player in question is Nate Taylor, who has not hesitated to appear before the most respectable bosses of the game, all of them in their level 1, to later take them and add them to the Pokédex.

Have you been able to complete your particular mission successfully? The answer is one you will find in the video that I offer you below, in which you can enjoy simultaneously each one of the combats.