Hey, "Supernatural" peeps. Yep, it's really true. We have to tell you the unfortunate and very sad news that The CW will not be airing the latest episode 19,season 12 of your favorite show, tonight. We can speculate, but we're never absolutely sure why they've decided to skip this week. All that we 100 percent know, is that they have let us know that you guys can expect to see the new episode 19 to show up on the airwaves next Thursday night, April 27th,2017 at 7pm central time, so be sure to make special note of that on your TV calendars. If you're DVRing it, make sure you have that date scheduled into your timer.

You know the routine.

They're re-airing the 15th episode

So, here's what the CW will be airing tonight. They're still airing "Supernatural." It just won't be the new episode, obviously. Instead, they will air the 15th episode that aired this season, labeled: "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell." It's the one where Dean and Sam look further into a case that involved a vicious hellhound attack that took place at a campsite. Castiel got a new lead on Kelly Kline, and some of Crowley's personal demons found out what he's been hiding. If you haven't seen that one yet, you might want to still tune into The CW, tonight, to catch it. However, if you have seen it, and really don't want to watch it, again, you'll definitely want to make other plans for sure.

New scoops for episode 19

Alright, so moving right along to the good news, The CW, as usual, left us with some spoiler goodies for episode 19, which is entitled: "The Future." We got an official synopsis from them, along with a preview/spoiler clip. The synopsis let us know that we're going to see Sam come up with some way to stop Lucifer's demon, spawn baby.

However, we'll see Castiel have something else in mind for Kelly. At some point, we'll see Dean get extremely mad when he finds out that someone stole the colt, and we'll get a scene that features Kelly, making a very bold decision when it comes to her Satanic baby's future.

Intense stuff in the preview clip

In the preview clip that they provided, we got some very intense scenes that features Kelly, getting the very devastating news that she will definitely die if she goes ahead and gives birth to her freaking baby!

There's also a scene where Castiel is getting his butt, royally kicked by this chick that has shown up on the scene. Apparently bullets don't work on her as nothing happens when Dean unloads a whole gun chamber full bullets on her! The clip looks very interesting, because this lady looks absolutely unstoppable. What will they do about her? Will they ever be able to kill her. Those are some big questions for the scenes in this clip. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.