The CW's longest-running series, "Supernatural," stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who have worked side by side for thirteen years. When you've worked with a co-star for that long, you learn a thing or two about how to play tricks on other cast members and how not to break character when filming, no matter how crazy or ridiculous a scene might become. Because of the nature of the series, the two stars have been through it all, and it takes more than an unusual word or humorous situation to make them break character (until now, apparently).

Unfortunately, newcomers to the series may sometimes fall victim to the pranks and general antics of Ackles and Padalecki, much like what happened in an outtake from a recent episode. The duo is infamous for pranking fellow actors and guest stars on set, and they've even been known to ruin several takes over the years because of their on-set shenanigans.

The chupacabra conundrum

Jensen Ackles even succumbed to hysterics during this particular scene where the discussion over how to pronounce the word "chupacabra" was carried out a bit too far. But rather than throw off Mr. Ketch from the British Men of Letters, Jensen's joke turned on him!

The scene started with a conversation in the bunker between the Winchester brothers, who decide to call Mr.

Ketch (not realizing that he's already planted a microphone under the table to spy on them). They were expecting someone else to pick up the phone, and Ketch informs them that the Winchesters will need to report to him for the time being. Mr. Ketch admits that he would rather be off in Texas with Mary Winchester hunting something else...

The boys' annoyed state opens up the perfect hazing ground for a Prank. Jared Padalecki initiates the joke, even going so far as to have voice recognition on his smartphone recite the word "chupacabra" over and over again for Mr. Ketch to hear. The scene continues with all four voices reciting the word until Jensen Ackles is reeling, unable to continue.

Even the cameraman was shaking! As you watch the scene, the whole bunker room seems to start wobbling from side to side. Someone in the editing department managed to get a hold of the scene and published it to Vimeo the day after the episode aired, with Jensen Ackles sharing it via Twitter shortly afterward. In his tweet, he said, "This literally made me cry."

Check out the video below!

Were you able to watch the whole thing without laughing?

"Supernatural" is currently in its twelfth season and airs new episodes on Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.