Recently, the Freeform folks delivered some new, official spoiler teasers in their press release for the upcoming "Pretty Little Liars" episode 12 of the current and last season 7. They gave us about four or five storyline teasers for this one, which is something we always expect from Freeform. These sound very dramatic and intense as we'll be seeing some heavy confrontation action, going down between Spencer and her mother. Jenna is going show back up on the scene to stir up even more trouble! Emily encounters a problem with one of the teenage girls, and more.

Addison trouble

Their press release also revealed what the producers have named this thing: "These Boots Were Made for Stalking." They began their official plot summary by telling us, in all caps, that there's going to be seeing a new bully in town. So, that sounds quite interesting. They go on to elaborate that there's going to be a high school girl, named Addison, that shows up on the scene, and that she could possibly be part of A.D.'s operation. She will resemble a mini version of high school Ali and stir up much trouble! This storyline will, most-likely, get a lot of attention as they actually devoted three segments of their press release to it.

Continuing on with this storyline, Addison is going to ,apparently, give Emily some trouble as they tell us that these two will end up, butting heads at some point.

What will these two butt heads about? How far will this tension go? And what kind of trouble will Addison be stirring up? Those are just a couple of huge questions for Addison's storyline. Unfortunately, that's all the intel that they would reveal in their press release, so it looks like we'll have to wait and see the episode to see how this plotline plays out.

Detective Furey

Next, they let us know that Spencer will be featured quite a bit, telling us that she is going to have some big confrontation with her mother at some point, because she's been keeping some family secrets. We'll also be seeing Spencer go to Detective Furey to try and get some help. What are these family secrets that Spencer is so pissed off about?

Will this confrontation resolve things? And what will Spencer need help with from the detective? These are a couple of burning questions that this plotline currently presents. One thing that we're sure of, is that we'll definitely get some good, drama-filled scenes out of it.

Confiding in Holden

Elsewhere, we've got a storyline with Aria in action. She will be involved in a scene that has her, confiding in Holden about what's going down in her relationship with Ezra. Will this situation help Aria out? Or will confiding in Holden not be such a good idea? That's a couple of questions for that storyline.

Jenna causes new trouble

Finally, we've reached our last storyline teaser, which reveals that Jenna will be back on the scene, causing all kinds of new mischief in Rosewood as they tell us that she's definitely going to stir up some trouble when she returns.

Along with that, she'll also have some additional insight into Noel Kahn and some other recent events. What kind of trouble will she be bringing to the table? And what are her new insights that she has about Noel Kahn? That's the big questions for her plotline. Hopefully, they'll get answered in this episode. We'll see. Lastly, we can confirm that episode 12 is set to air next Tuesday night, April 25th,2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.