Hey, "NCIS Los Angeles" fans. We've got another couple of intense storyline scoops to give you for the new episode 23 of season 8. CBS was nice enough to reveal them in their latest press release for the show. This one's going to get real emotional for Sam, because his freaking wife, Michelle, is going to get kidnapped from her home at some point! Apparently, the culprits will be working with Sam's arch nemesis, Tahir Khaled, and will demand his release in order to get Michelle back.

"Uncaged" is the title

We also got a title for this thing from them.

They've named it: "Uncaged." They started this description off with the big kidnapping storyline, letting us know that this will ,more than likely, be the main storyline to look out for. They tell us that kidnappers will actually show up at Sam and Michelle's home ,at some point, to kidnap her! Then in the aftermath, they will end up, demanding the NCIS L.A. crew to get a prisoner by the name of: Tahir Khaled, released in exchange for Michelle's location.

Will the crew go ahead and give in to the kidnapper's demands? Or will they be able to pull off their rescue attempt without having to do so? Unfortunately, they didn't give us that very important information, but we can definitely make an educated guess that this one is going to serve up nothing but dynamite action, suspense and drama like nobody's business.

Also, it's possible that we'll see a preview clip for this episode after episode 22 airs,tonight, so you'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for that, because it'll certainly deliver some extra intel. Actor, Anslem Richardson, guest stars as character, Tahir Khaled, in this one, and actress, Aunjanue Ellis, was hired to portray Sam's wife, Michelle Hanna, who will also be a guest character.

Episode 23 was written by Frank Military, and Frank Military handled all of the directing.

Deeks and Kensi in action too

Now, that's all the written spoilers that CBS gave us. However, they did give us a few other glimpses into this installment with a few promo photos. We've included one of them (above). It features characters, Sam and Callen, engaged in, what appears to be, a pretty intense conversation.

I imagine emotions are running very high for Sam, since it's his wife that's in major danger. Some of the other photos, showed scenes with Deeks and Kensi in action, so we can also expect to get a few scenes from them even though they weren't mentioned in the press release. We can also officially tell you that episode 23 is set to show up next Sunday night, May 7th, 2017 at 7pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.