Alright, "Leftovers" peeps. We've got some new, spoiler intel to share with you guys in reference to the upcoming episode 4 of this season 3. The folks over at HBO were kind enough to give us a preview of two storylines that we can expect to see take place. There's some interesting stuff that will be going down as we're going to see a road trip to Australia, get made by Nora and Kevin. Kevin is going to see a very shocking person from his past, while Nora tries to track down some shady masterminds.

The land down under

The HBO press release also let us know that this episode has been given the name: "G'Day Melbourne." They kicked off their plot summary with more Australia destination activity.

Apparently, we'll be seeing both Kevin and Nora, hitting up the land down-under at some point. While there, Nora is going to continue her intense search for some masterminds that have been in action, serving up a huge, elaborate con scheme.

Will Nora finally be able to get her hands on these culprits? Or will they manage to keep eluding her efforts? They didn't give us that intel for obvious reasons, so we'll have to tune in to find that out. Hopefully, they'll reveal everything in this episode, but something tells me, her chase will probably span over more episodes. Also, we can't for get the preview clip. It's possible that they might give us a glimpse of some of this action in their new preview clip that they're expected to drop later on,tonight, after episode 3 gets done airing.

Be on the lookout for that.

Someone from the past

Next, we've got a description of what Kevin will be up to. It turns out that, at some point, he's going to see a glimpse of someone from his past. This will be a very unexpected person, and this experience is going to cause him to have to confront some very traumatic events that went down three years earlier.

Who could this unexpected person be that totally shocks Kevin? And what are these crazy, traumatic events that he will have to come face to face with? These are the big questions for this storyline.

According to the production credits, Damon Lindelof, delivered the story for this episode. The teleplay was done by the team of: Tamara P.

Carter & Haley Harris, and Daniel Sackheim handled the directing for it. Alright, everyone. That's all that we got from HBO for this episode. However, we're sure that more scenes than this, will be featured in this hour-long episode.

Again, the expected preview clip might show some extra stuff, so look for that to release a few hours after tonight's episode 3, or maybe tomorrow morning. It should be uploaded by then. If you're watching the show, live, they should show it right after the episode, so you can see it right away. One last thing. We can also confirm that episode 4 is due out next Sunday night, May 7th,2017 at 8pm central standard time on HBO. Stay tuned.