Hey, "NCIS: Los Angeles" fans. We've got a couple of new, official spoilers scoops for you guys, straight off the CBS press desk. They're for the upcoming episode 20 of this current season 8. They sound quite interesting as we'll be seeing Kensi and Deeks put in some new, undercover work at a Cuban club. A defense contractor draws the attention of the NCIS L.A. team, because she's accused of selling very secretive, Navy secrets, and more!

It's "From Havana with Love"

Their press release also let us know that this installment has been given the name: "From Havana with Love." So, awww.

That sounds sweet, I guess. This damn plotline isn't so sweet though. They start it off in ,all-caps, letting us know that the NCIS L.A. team is definitely going to be looking deep into what this defense contractor is doing, because she's very much, suspected of selling bigtime Navy secrets to a foreign government, which is a definite no, no.

Her name is Rebecca

Elaborating on this storyline, they tell us that this defense contractor does have a name, which is: Rebecca Larmont (played by guest star Shanna Collins). Apparently, she's been designing a big, nuclear attack weapon. And her estranged husband, named Victor Larmont ( played by Lou Ferrigno Jr.), is going to come forward, saying he has proof that she's been selling these Navy secrets away to the foreign government.

Which government is she selling these secrets to? Are these claims even true at all? If so, what do these secrets intel? Oh, the list of questions could just go on all day. What we do know, is that this storyline is going to give us some very intriguing scenes to say the least. Kensi's dancing

Lastly, we've got this final teaser that reveals, we're going to see Deeks and Kensi in action.

Some undercover action to be exact. Apparently, Kensi is going to put on her dancing shoes to play a professional dancer at a Cuban club where the husband, Victor Larmont, works. Elsewhere, we'll see Deeks portraying a bathroom attendant. Will this crazy, undercover scheme go off without a hitch? Or will we see someone's cover get blown, followed by a ton of drama?

Those will be the big questions for this situation.

Not until April 9th

Episode 20 was written by Joe Sachs, and they hired Dennis Smith to direct it. Also, there's a little bad news here. We've got this installment, set to air in two weeks. That means they're skipping next week, and it will air on Sunday night, April 9th,2017 at 7pm central time on CBS. So be sure to jot that date down, and stay tuned.