Alright, so ABC hit us up with the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" episode 20 of season 13, last night, and they most certainly did not disappoint, revealing that this episode is probably going to actually on feature scenes with Meredith and Nathan after all. The reason why, is because these two could end up losing their lives in a wicked-looking plane scene. They're spotted in the midst of a hundred plus, freaked out passengers when they're plane appears to run into major problems, and it just looks like they're going straight down!

There's also some other clips of these two in the bathroom at one point that looks quite interesting as well, especially since Nathan thought it would be ok to just barge right on in there.

Interesting bathroom situation

In the new clip, it starts out, showing us a scene, featuring Meredith boarding her plane, only to find out that she's seated next to, none other than, Nathan! It causes her to say, "Oh my God." She also asks him, "what are you doing here?" Immediately after that, we see another scene that features these two in some very interesting action as Nathan is seen, going into the bathroom with her. She tells him to get out of here. He doesn't do it. It in fact, he ends up, pushing her up against the wall very passionately for an intense stare-down.

It looked like they were about to get pretty steamy in there, but they don't show that in this clip, so we're not sure what all is going to play out in that scene. It's definitely going to be very interesting to find out.

Remain Calm

Next, we got a scene of these two, getting back into their seats, but things will definitely not be looking too great as the flight attendant is seen, warning everyone to remain calm and seated.

It turns out that there's a very serious reason for that as the plane starts shaking immediately after that statement. Then, of course, panic starts to break out among all the passengers! System alarms start sounding. People start putting on their breathing masks. Lots of yelling goes down. Oh my goodness. It really doesn't look good at all.

Everyone screams

The clip caps off with even more intense scenes as it appears that this freaking plane is going straight down,and everyone is screaming at the top of their freaking lungs! Oh no! Could this be the end of Meredith and Nathan? Or will the plane, somehow, get back on track? If it doesn't, will they be able to land safely somewhere? Wow! They definitely have us wondering with this crazy clip. No doubt.

We do expect to get, at least, another sneak peek clip from ABC later on this week. Maybe that will give us some more details. If not, we might have to wait until this thing airs to see if these two love birds will survive this crazy, plane ordeal. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned. Episode 20 is scheduled to show up on Thursday night, April 13th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.