Hey, "Blue Bloods" fans. We got a couple of new spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 18 of this season 7 from the wonderful folks at CBS, and they sound pretty interesting and intense. They gave us two storylines for this one. We've got Frank, having to deal some old dude that doesn't want to freaking retire even though he's reached the mandatory age limit. And some female ex-NYPD officer goes missing after making plans to make amends with someone she did wrong, and more.

It's "A Deep Blue Goodbye"

Their press release also revealed that they've labeled this episode: "A Deep Blue Goodbye." According to their official synopsis, we're going to see an ex-NYPD, female officer, end up going missing after telling Danny the she was planning to make some sort of amends with a woman that she and her ex-partner had wrongfully convicted a couple of years ago.

They put this particular storyline in all-caps to start off their press release, so look for this one to get a lot, if not, most of the focus.

Danny tries to find her

Next, we learn that this will, indeed, prompt Danny to launch an investigation into this in an effort to try and find the woman. Will Danny be successful? If so, will this woman still be alive when he finds her? Or will it just be too got damn late? These are some important questions for this situation. It definitely sounds like the wrongfully convicted lady wasn't too happy to see her. It should be interesting.

He won't freaking leave

Lastly, in their final teaser, we learn that Frank is going to run into a huge, freaking dilemma with Chief Taylor Daniels.

Apparently, he's too, got damn old to be on the job according to their mandatory age limit. However, Taylor is going to refuse to retire, so it sounds like Frank is going to have to force him out or something. We don't know what he's going to do, because they didn't reveal that info, so that's going to be the big question. What will Frank do about this?

Are they going to have to haul Taylor out of there? One thing's for sure, we should get some pretty dramatic scenes out of it. The episode was written by Kevin Wade, and David Barrett directed it.

Got to wait a few weeks for this one

Additionally, we've got some bad news. It turns out that we're going to have to wait until March 31st,2017 to see this episode, because their skipping a couple of weeks for some reason. So, be sure to make note of that important date on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.