Hey, "Blacklist" peeps. I'm back again with a couple of new spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 19 of season 4. We've got NBC and their press release to thank for these. Things will get quite interesting as Red and the Task Force go to work to hunt down a very dangerous Blacklister that has the means to manipulate people's memories! At some point, Gale is going to step up his investigation. A new lead will pop up for Ressler in regards to Reven's disappearance.

Dr. Bogdan Krilov takes the title cake

The title that they assigned to this one, is: "Dr.

Bogdan Krilov," so I'm guessing that's who the new memory manipulating culprit will be. In their official plot summary, they started things off by giving us details on the Red and Task Force storyline. Apparently, we're going to see them, hit up the trail to try and track down a Blacklister that's described as having the tools to actually be able to manipulate memories. So much, in fact, that even Liz will start calling her own experiences into question. Will Red and company be able to track this culprit down? Or will he always just stay one step ahead of them? Those are the big questions for this storyline. It definitely sounds very intriguing.

Up the intensity

Next, they let us know what Gale will be up to.

Apparently, he's going to up the intensity of his investigation, so be prepared to see a little more action from him at some point. Lastly, they talked about Ressler. At some point, he's going to come across a new lead that has something to do with the disappearance of Reven Wright, who is a Justice Department official. What will this new lead entail?

Will it actually help Ressler get a location on Wright? They, unfortunately didn't let us in on other details, so it looks like we'll have to wait it out to see how this storyline plays out.

We might be able to catch a glimpse of some additional intel when NBC serves up the new preview clip later on, tonight, after episode 18 airs, so be sure to watch out for that.

NBC did release some spoiler photos for episode 19. We included one of them (above). It features Red in action as he tries to do his thing.

Pulling a gun

Some of the other photos, not pictured here, features Liz in a couple of the scenes. Ressler is spotted, pulling out his gun on someone at one point, suggesting that we'll see him involved in a very intense situation during it. He's also seen, trying to run somebody down, so this looks like this might have something to do with that new lead he came across, but we'll have to watch the episode to be sure. Samar is also spotted in a couple of scenes with Liz, so we'll be seeing her in action. There's also a snap shot of Dembe, working with Red in one the scenes. So, Dembe will be in action too. We can confirm that episode 19 is scheduled to air next Thursday night, May 4th,2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.