'The Blacklist' took a major turn last week as Dembe Zuma, Raymond Remington's right-hand man, betrayed him for reasons that are currently unknown. Did Dembe actually betray Remington, or did he have other motives for what he did? In this week's episode, Raymond discovers a new piece of the puzzle of who is selling him out, and why.

Dembe tries to find the real traitor

Dembe kidnaps Aram and asks him to break into one of Raymond's lockers. Instead of trying to steal from Raymond, though, Dembe is out to prove who actually betrayed Raymond and why.

He wants to discover who really took from Raymond and what their motives were.

When Aram is unable to retrieve the data they need to break in, Dembe lets him go. Aram then realizes that Dembe is trying to help Raymond, and so he decides to help Dembe find out who is targeting Raymond. Meanwhile, Saram is trying to track down Aram while working with Aram's girlfriend Janet to put a trace on him.

Aram and Dembe pass themselves off as FBI agents to get into the RBM Digital Corporation to find the answers they are looking for. Saram and Donald Ressler find out where they are. They race to RBM to capture Dembe and Aram and bring them in.

Dembe and Amar discover the name of Kathryn Nemec, who previously worked for Raymond as Mr. Kaplan.

Raymond shot her when he believed that she had betrayed him. Dembe goes to find Kathryn and discovers her body is gone. He is shot by the man who found Kathryn and helped her survive.

Raymond is on the trail of the Sanctum Corporation

Raymond goes looking for a man named Daniel Nakamoto after he realizes the man is involved with the Sanctum Corporation.

Daniel tells him that a murder occurred that may give him the lead that Raymond needs to track down Dembe and find out who is behind the Sanctum Corporation. It leads Raymond to a woman named Vanessa Lopez, a therapist, whose family was burned to death.

When they locate Vanessa, they discover that Vanessa's parents were behind the Sanctum Corporation.

Vanessa has been killing off her clients because she believes that one of them killed her family and left her for dead. Raymond asks to see the journal to find an entry to help him locate Dembe's daughter.

Amar tells Raymond about Kathryn. Raymond realizes that Kathryn is still alive, and she's trying to kill Dembe. Saram and Aram have a confrontation where she tells him she no longer wants to have anything to do with him. Kathryn, known as Mr. Kaplan, is still alive, and now she's hunting Raymond. Will Raymond survive his confrontation with Kathryn 'The Blacklist?'