Everyone loves Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life." They are great friends who live together. Now Radar Online is sharing some details from Buddy Bell's past that everyone didn't know about yet. He was actually arrested back in 2014.

Buddy Bell's 2014 assault charges revealed

According to the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina, Buddy Bell was arrested back in 2014. His legal name is actually Luby Bell. At the Memorial Auditorium at 10:30 pm on January 30, 2014, Buddy Bell allegedly assaulted a police officer. This all went down at a concert for the rock band Queens of the Stone Age.

This would have been not long before the show "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" started airing on TLC.

There are not a ton of details about what went down, but Buddy Bell was charged with assaulting a government official, second-degree trespassing, resisting a public officer, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. In the end, Buddy was convicted of the disorderly conduct charge, and given a 45-day probation and $380 fine. It could have been a lot worse for him. It wasn't revealed if Buddy ended up spending a night in jail on these charges or anything. It doesn't sound like he has been in trouble since then.

This charge has not been discussed on the show at all. Buddy Bell appears to be a great guy on the reality TV series and everyone is shocked to hear about this charge in his past.

For a while, it looked like Buddy and Whitney would end up dating each other. At one time, the fans were really into this idea, but instead, they have both moved on.

Buddy Bell has been a big part of Whitney Way Thore's show for the entire time. They briefly had a relationship with each other, but have decided they are better off as friends.

They are living together, but Buddy is actually dating a good friend of hers and they are just roommates. Whitney has dated, but on the show right now she is single and just seeing what ends up happening.

Are you shocked to hear about Buddy Bell's past? Does this change how you feel about him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" on Tuesday nights on TLC.

This season is almost over, but hopefully, it is picked up for another season and will be back soon. Right now, it sounds like Whitney could be going on tour as a dancer and that would make for a really interesting season of the show, but it would also be a lot different.