Peter Parker seems to be here to stay for once. Spider-Man has been given the okay for "Avengers 4."

Back when Sam Raimi first released his superhero masterpiece known as "Spider-Man," nobody thought the character would end up tossed around as much as he was. Peter Parker was among the most beloved comic book characters to hit the paneled page, and Tobey Maguire had given him a relatable, if overly-emotional, personality.

Sadly, that personality wore thin when Parker was introduced to the Venom symbiote and ended up dancing his way through far too much of his third outing.

Then came Andrew Garfield's version in "The Amazing Spider-Man," a cockier and more confident version who wasn't as prone to crying on screen. His first film was a bit forgettable, and his second was, as with "Spider-Man 3," riddled with too many villains. One of those villains ended up being almost completely cut out, with the big fight ending exactly the way it did in trailers. It felt like a ripoff for fans who wanted to see him fight Rhino.

Again, fans were not happy with Sony Pictures' attempts to bring Peter Parker to the big screen.

Sony finally let Disney and Marvel fix it

Beginning with "Captain America: Civil War," it seems Tom Holland has managed to prove to audiences that Marvel Studios is capable of getting Spider-Man done right.

He's not just a kid like the previous versions with his own insecurities, but he's also capable of delivering the jokes like Andrew Garfield's version. As an added bonus, Tom Holland actually looks like he could be a teenager in High School.

Thanks to Holland's portrayal in Marvel's latest chapter of the mcu, fans are excited to see how he does on his own in "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Sony is also allegedly back to attempting the spin-offs they had in mind before "Amazing Spider-Man 2" failed, such as ones centered on Venom and the Sinister Six.

There are now plans for Spider-Man in 'Avengers 4'

Marvel is so confident in the superhero's future that they're giving Spider-Man a guaranteed appearance in "Avengers 4." This may be the most controversial move since the inclusion of Quicksilver in "Age of Ultron" (due to 20th Century Fox having the same character in their "X-Men" franchise).

If it pays off, it also means we'll finally see a lot more of Spider-Man in a way audiences generally love for more than two movies.

Beyond "Avengers 4," there are no further plans, but that's still years away. Most of Marvel's film plans are barely more than ink on paper at this point, and after the possible defeat of Thanos, the MCU might need to come up with a new threat we're willing to wait another decade to see resolved.