Whitney Way Thore celebrates obesity in "My Big Fat Fabulous Life." But all that could change after she gets some surprise pregnancy test results. The next episode of the TLC reality television show proved that the newly-single Thore is pregnant. This conception is all the more surprising as Thore has PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and thought she couldn't have children. Is it bon voyage fat fabulous life, hello weight loss for the reality show celebrity?

Whitney Way Thore pregnancy shock

The episode shows Thore taking a pregnancy test "just in case." Her PCOS made her very doubtful.

If she was expecting, it wouldn't be an immaculate conception but it certainly would be a surprise pregnancy! After a recent split with boyfriend Lennie Alehat, the 32-year-old thought better safe than sorry. Turns out her instincts were correct. Thore posted on Instagram a picture of the two pink lines bearing the legend "3 days. 3 tests. All positive." The mommy-to-be is keeping mum on details as per her contract with TLC. Meanwhile, Alehat is seriously stunned. Looks like some big changes are in store for the reality television celebrities.

My Big Fat Fabulous pregnancy

Whitney Way Thore thanked Instagram and social media friends for well wishes on the pregnancy, but refused to share any more until next week's episode.

When she first found out, Whitney didn't seem too happy. She cried, but her tears seemed more fearful and worried than joyful. But fans of the reality show expect that the expectant mom will do baby-having as she does everything: with phat, fabulous, joie de vivre.

Thore's PCOS concerns

So why should this pregnancy come as such a shock?

Women with Polycystic ovary syndrome--also called Polycystic ovarian syndrome--can give birth but they don't ovulate very often, if at all. It's caused by a hormonal imbalance which grows many tiny cysts on the ovaries. The cysts themselves aren't dangerous but they impact fertility and lead to insulin resistance (pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome) and Type 2 diabetes.

PCOS is linked to ovarian and breast cancer.

PCOS, obesity, and weight loss

It's not quite clear if PCOS causes weight gain or whether obesity increases PCOS likelihood, but the two are linked. Sufferers tend to be overweight and have trouble losing weight. But the best prevention and also the cure is weight loss. Thore's shtick on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" is big body love of her weight, which is estimated at 350-400 pounds. In contrast to "My 600-lb Life" patients' shame, Thore's proud of living large. But with a baby on the way, weight loss may be more important. Maternal obesity increases the chance of gestational diabetes, pregnancy complications, and health problems for the child. Another reality star (Mama June Shannon) is doing some major weight loss for herself and the kids after her obesity jeopardized their health.