Meghan Trainor is one of the most promising singers in the music industry today. Aside from her unique and powerful vocals, Trainor is also deemed as a good example for the youth with regards to self-love and body acceptance. It is a known fact that unlike other counterparts in the music industry who are sporting slim or lean bodies, the 23-year old singer is sporting a full and curvy body, and actually slaying it, too. With several hit songs and collaborations with other artists, Trainor's musical career really looks promising. However, fans of the "No" singer have been worried about the health condition of their idol, specifically because it has something to do with her voice.

On Friday's episode of "The Ellen Degeneres" show, Trainor sang "I'm A Lady" from the official soundtrack of the "Smurfs: The Last Village" movie. While she sang the piece with no signs of wavering, it was actually revealed later that it was the first time that Trainor sang in three months.

Second vocal surgery

According to reports, Meghan Trainor underwent a second Vocal Surgery last December and was advised by doctors to practice a complete voice rest for three months. As a singer, it's clearly a very difficult thing to follow, but for the sake of her vocal chords, the "Dear Future Husband" singer had to oblige.

Trainor's admission of having to undergo a vocal surgery for the second time caused her fans to worry.

Questions on whether she will be retiring soon or if she will have to lay low from her musical career have plagued the fans since the news broke out.

Possible career changes

It is already a known fact that Meghan Trainor's problem with her vocal chords has been getting in the way of her career since 2015. News about the "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" singer's vocal surgery was first announced in Aug.

2015. The severity of her medical condition was enough to push her to cancel her tour. During that time, she revealed that she was scared, devastated and very sorry.

After almost two years, it looks like the medical issue is back to haunt Trainor and her fans. Questions and concerns on whether the career of the "Lips Are Movin" singer will be brought to a halt are swirling in social media once again.

A vocal rest for a top performing artist is likened to a songbird being forced not to sing, right? So how has she managed to stay positive during the span of her vocal rest?

According to reports, Trainor used her phone to communicate while her boyfriend, daryl sabara, was sweet enough to learn sign language for her. The couple has been together for nine months and the fans are happy that Trainor at least has a pillar of support during the tough times of her vocal rest.