Mel B, 41, the former member of the legendary pop group "Spice Girls," lived a hell during her marriage with the film producer Stephen Belafonte, 41. The singer was forced to participate in sexual orgies, where she suffered all kinds of abuse with unknown people. In addition, she had to endure racist insults, domestic violence, and death threats. The couple started to be ill from the first year of marriage when Belafonte began to beat her wildly, and she did not report him to the police for fear he would kill her. Many of her friends wanted to help her, but she preferred to suffer in silence.


Mel B not only suffered physical violence but also had to endure that her husband was unfaithful. Belafonte had an affair with the nanny of their children, the German Lorraine Gilles, which lasted seven years. The nanny becomes pregnant, and he forced her to have an abortion. He also gave $ 300,000 to keep her silent and that the media did not turn that situation into a scandal. The singer is the mother of three daughters: Phoenix, 15, the fruit of her first marriage with Jimmy Gulzar, Angel Iris,7, whose father is Eddie Murphy and Madison, 3, the girl she had with Belafonte.


In 2014, the pop star publicly confessed that she had a lesbian relationship with Christa Parker, who was the mother of a friend of one of her daughters.

The romance lasted five years, and Mel B said she was very happy in that relationship. Time after she met Belafonte, who already knew she was bisexual. Her ex-husband demanded that she have sex with women in front of him. She acceded to his requests for fear that he would hurt her or her daughters. Belafonte filmed their sexual encounters and then threatened Mel B with disseminating them in the media.

The singer also said that her ex-husband did not help her during difficult times, as her father was cancerous and Belafonte made fun of that situation. He also attacked her in front of their children and threatened to destroy her artistic career. Belafonte wanted to have control of the couple and was very jealous of Mel B. He was convinced that the singer cheated on him with other men.

The pop star denied these accusations, by arguing that he lies all the time. Now they are divorced, and the artist wants to star a new life, where there is no violence of any kind.

The pop star moved with her children from the mansion she shared with Belafonte in Los Angeles, to live in a quieter place.