Meghan Trainor is "All About that Bass" (but also losing it, too). Since her big booty love hit, the singer ironically seems to have lost weight. Does weight loss equal body image issues? Is Trainor stepping back from her overweight and proud stance? Is she just another celebrity hypocritically decrying body size expectations, then kowtowing to them? Or, could it be, that weight loss and body love can coexist?

Meghan Trainor loves and loses big bass?

In her 2014 hit, Trainor sings the praises of plus-sized bodies. She describes how men like a little booty.

She says she wont be a stick-thin Barbie doll. Yet she also admits to loving Ariana Grande's thigh gap. Eschewing skinny but trying to achieve it is symptomatic of Hollywood. Sir Mix-a-Lot was one of the first to shout-out "big butts," and now celebrities are jumping on the band wagon. Suggestions to lose weight are seen as fat-shaming. Folks who advocate dieting are body-shamers. Those who lose weight are accused of promoting anorexia and eating disorders, whether they are overweight or not. And woe to those "traitors" who lose weight after preaching body love.

Meghan Trainor's weight loss a betrayal?

Rumor has it that Meghan losing 25-35 pounds. If she has, is she betraying her original statements?

A bigger question is whether big body love advocates obesity. Is it healthy to accept being 50, 100, or even 200 pounds overweight? With all the health problems directly attributed to obesity--Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and heart disease--maybe not. Perhaps the dichotomy lies in self-acceptance vs. weight acceptance.

What big body lovers want is no judgement or discrimination. Is that the same as tolerance, and, should it be?

Meghan Trainor slides healthy living into songs

Being tolerant means different things to different folks. It implies acceptance, but also letting something negative go unchecked. Tolerance of weight gain signifies no intention of stopping it.

If you love yourself, you want to keep you just as you are. Or do you? Could it be that true body love leads to a desire to be the healthiest you possible? Being obese or even 20 pounds overweight may not be the best for you. So you tolerate the weight while dieting to manage it. Trainor's songs celebrate healthiness in dancing, being confident, saying no to dangerous people, and going with your gut.