The proposal that everyone has been waiting on has finally happened. Tonight at Wrestlemania 33 John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella. There has been a lot of speculation that this would happen and it finally did. It is actually right before a new season of "Total Divas" on E!.

John and Nikki take the next step

Tonight during WrestleMania 33 John and Nikki defeated The Miz and his wife Maryse during a tag team match. They have actually been together for about five years, and at one point John made it sound like he wouldn't want to get married, but he finally proposed to her.

On an episode of "Total Divas," Nikki shared saying that she really wanted John to propose to her. She said, "You guys, John finally told me on our three-year anniversary that marriage doesn't bother him anymore, he wants to marry me, he wants to be married to me. I want him next to me my whole life. I can't live without him." Nikki finally got her wish to come true.

Now Nikki Bella is working hard and doing great wrestling once again after surgery. She also just got engaged to the man of her dreams. It looks like things are really looking up for her right now.

When John proposed, they were actually in the ring right after their fight. He did the traditional thing and got down on one knee to ask Nikki to marry him.

John grabbed the mic and got the crowd to be quiet before he went for it. He wanted to make sure that everyone was paying attention to what he was doing.

Tonight, John Cena told Nikki Bella that after she had surgery for her neck, he told her something she didn't even remember. He said, "You do know that one day I’m going to marry you, right?” Nikki was a little bit loopy and didn't even realize that he said it, and now it is going to really happen.

Of course, she said yes to him, and the two have big plans to get married now.

Are you surprised that John Cena finally proposed to Nikki Bella? Do you think that these two are the perfect couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Total Divas" when it returns to E!. It will be back on April 5.