Jennifer Lopez is in a relationship with ex-MLB star Alex Rodriguez, and even though people have been talking about this for a while, the singer just recently decided to share her point of view. She was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres' show where she dished the details on how they met and other juicy details about the relationship. The famous singer seems to be in love, and, considering the way she talked about it, it could definitely turn into something very serious.

JLo opened up about her relationship with A-Rod

During the show, Ellen had so many questions and she even wanted to know what Lopez was eating when she saw A-Rod and what they ate on their first date.

However, JLo didn't want to share all the details, but she described Alex as a really good man and a gentleman. All she said about their first date was that they had a nice dinner and that afterwards, they didn’t spend the night together.

The story of how they met is really interesting. JLo was having lunch when she saw Alex walking out of the restaurant, so she decided to go out, tap him on the shoulder, and say “Hi”. However, that wasn’t enough for Ellen so she decided to ask Jennifer if they are planning to have children. Jennifer laughed and said that they are just having fun at the moment.

Alex is a perfect gentleman and doesn’t want to tell too much

A-Rod also talked about his relationship when he was a guest on “The View." He said that they are having a great time together and even though she has a son from her marriage with Marc Anthony, he said she is an amazing mother.

Rodriguez said that she is one of the smartest people he’s ever met and that he loves how she sees the joy in simple things.

An interesting fact about the pair's relationship is that they didn’t take things slowly. In the first month, the couple visited the Bahamas and Miami, and soon after that, Alex Rodriguez introduced his new girlfriend to his family. Still, as fans might recall, it wasn't that long ago that JLo was linked to superstar rapper Drake, but, overall, she seems happy with the new man in her life.