Despite three failed marriages and several failed romances Jennifer Lopez, 47, continues to believe in love. The singer has been dating Alex Rodriguez, 41, for three weeks. They have been friends for years, but now they want to be a couple. The artist is taking the relationship calmly since she knows that Rodriguez is a womanizer. Lopez likes the fact, that Rodriguez is a parent since she is a parent as well. Neither of them has yet talked about their romance publicly because they are choosing to keep things private for now.

An athlete who likes celebrities

Alex Rodriguez is well known for being a successful baseball player, but he is also famous for having dated several celebrities like Demi Moore, 54, Cameron Diaz, 44, and Kate Hudson, 37. Rodriguez always liked "J.Lo," whom he considered the girl of his dreams. The athlete has made one exception: his ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez, 32, is a Mexican actress, but not a celebrity. They were married for six years, had two daughters and divorced because Rodriguez cheated on his wife. For that reason, "J.Lo" fears that Rodriguez also betrays her.


Sources close to the couple assure that they do not want something serious, but to have a together. After having divorced three times.

The Bronx diva understood that marriage was not something good for her. She no longer believes in eternal love because she thinks it is something impossible to achieve. She now prefers to devote herself to the education of her children Max and Emme, who support their mother in the most difficult times. She maintains a healthy relationship with her ex- husband MacAnthony,

The artistic career is also something critical in the life of the singer, as she plans to continue producing albums for the happiness of her fans.

She also wants to continue working as an actress in Hollywood, so she is waiting for good opportunities. She is so happy making good music, but as an actor, many people did not take her seriously. She wants to show she is a great actress, who works hard for her goals.