Alex Rodriguez, 41, finally confirms his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, 46. The former baseball player talked about his girlfriend during a visit to "The View" tv show (ABC). He said that she is an amazing girl and they are having a great time together. Rodriguez praised the singer by pointing out that she is smart, a good mother and a very simple person. They have been dating since early March, but only now they are encouraged to confirm the romance. The Bronx diva prefers to remain discreet to this relationship since she knows that the athlete was always womanizer and does not want to be wrong again.

They could get married someday

Since "A-Rod" was very young, he said that "JLo" was the woman of his dreams. When they started dating, their friends said that their romance was going to be brief. They change their minds because they see that the former baseball player is very much in love with the artist. Rodriguez thinks the singer is different from all the women he met in his life. Both are divorced with children, but they never stopped believing in love. Neither of them rules out to remarriage, even though they have made mistakes in the past. They learned from those mistakes and will not repeat them.

Love & work

"JLo" and "A-Rod" are very busy with their projects, but still manage to spend time together.

The artist is producing her next album in Spanish and Rodriguez continues with his work as a commentator for Fox Sports. They love going to the gym together or going to dinner at some trendy restaurant in Los Angeles. He calls the singer "my lady" and makes her feel very special. The couple spent an incredible vacation in the Bahamas, where they could get to know each other better, away from the responsibilities they have during the year.

For now, they prefer to enjoy the moment they are living, without thinking about the future, since they want life to surprise them. Apparently, this couple is going to last for a long time because they are very committed to the relationship.