Pop star Janet Jackson has reportedly separated from her billionaire spouse of 5 years, according to People Magazine, and US Weekly. Wissam Almana 42, and the 50-year-old Jackson married in 2012. She gave birth to their son Eissa in January of this year. The split coming 3 months after the birth of the child is troubling to many.

The rise of Miss Jackson

Janet Jackson has been in the public eye since childhood. She did a cute Mae West imitation when her famous brothers, "The Jackson 5," had their own television variety show. Later Janet became an actress, playing Penny on "Good Times," and Charlene on "Different Strokes." Her solo career took off and she began churning out hits as fast as her brother Michael.

As a teen Janet was married to James Debarge of the singing Debarge family, but the marriage was annulled. In later years she married Rene Elizondo Jr. They divorced after 9 years. Janet is the most successful of the 9 Jackson siblings, behind Michael.

'The View' weighs in

On today's episode of "The View," co-host Cheryl Underwood said she heard through the grapevine that problems arose in the marriage when Al Mana was not sympathetic to the drama surrounding Janet's mother Katherine. The Jackson Matriarch is involved in a lawsuit where she accuses her estranged husband Joe's nephew Trent Jackson of elder abuse. Katherine Jackson was allegedly with Janet in London trying to get away from the controversy.

Co-host Sharon Osborne said people should not speculate because Jackson and her husband were private, and you cannot discuss that which you do not know. Sarah Gilbert was concerned that the marriage ended when the child was only 3 months old. Julie Chen and Aiesha Tyler weighed in on the sadness of separation and divorce.

Because Jackson is a superstar, from a famous family, this will be big news for a while.

If she stays in London, raising her child out of the public eye, Janet Jackson may get a little of the privacy she desires. Also at age 50, without a current hit or a tour, fans' attention will not hold long to news of the divorce. They will go right back to the issue of katherine jackson and the drama with her nephew, until something more newsworthy comes along.

Jackson and her soon-to-be-ex will more than likely be able to co-parent very well. They have the money and resources to provide for every need of their son. Ironically, the combined wealth of Al Mana and Jackson cannot provide the one thing the child deserves most -- his parents raising him together in the same home.